Chihuahua’s are so tiny and cute. Hello just me again reporting now that I really badly want a little white Chihuahua. I saw three in the pet shop(Called the Pet Centre) in Lower Hutt, two females all white – a short hair and long hair, and a male who had some brown on his ears. Then the next day we went back to show mum, and the short hair female- GONE!!! So luckily I got to hold the little white Chihuahua AND play with about 15 kittens.  I picked them up and played with them – so fun!!! So, if you like this post or you have a puppy, or kitten feel free to comment!

Me Myself and I!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’m Clementine- Clemie for short and I live in New Zealand. I have two guinea pigs- Zoe and Lilly. I have two chickens and also some sheep. My favourite colours are: red, blue, purple, green and white. I love to fashion design at home and at school I like to read and I like to read at home as well. So there’s me and I hope you enjoy my blog.